Real estate is a very litigious business.  There are many aspects of the legal system that is touched in real estate.  With the large amounts of money at stake, with the many different companies such as real estate agents and brokers, appraisers, closing attorneys, lenders, mortgage brokers home inspectors and more all creating their livelihood on the real estate transaction – when things go wrong, its important that you have someone who knows the law on your side.

real estate attorney
real estate attorney

Especially when you are working in the luxury real estate market, where the stakes are even higher, the contracts invoked for the real estate transaction are extremely important. When things do not go as expected, you need a skilled attorney that make sure you are protected.

There are many different types of attorneys, specializing in many aspects of the law.  Real estate attorneys work specifically in the real estate vertical.  They make their living working within real estate law as in pertains to the transaction and the property itself.

Real estate refers to ownership or use of land or real property.  Real property is generally considered to be immovable.  Real estate law is a vertical of civil law that covers the right to possess, use, and enjoy land and the permanent additions attached to it.

Whether you realize it or not real estate law directly or indirectly impacts each and every one of us every day.  Whether that be a lease for an apartment to commercial leases to the purchase of a home and title issues on family homes and even successions.

Other attorneys that deal with real estate

In addition to the title company (sometimes called a closing company or escrow company) also have attorneys that ultimately sign off on every sale.  Also, there is the personal injury attorney that deals in real estate when someone gets injured on someone else’s property.  In many instances, that may be covered by homeowners insurance, but that is not always the case.  In addition, some homeowners insurance policies may not have high enough coverage limits to encapsulate the injury and claim.

Whether you are the home buyer or the home seller, in a legal dispute involving real estate, it is important to know the right attorney.  A real estate transaction is the largest transaction of most peoples lives, and is full of binding contracts.  It is always best to have them explained to you by a real estate attorney. Real estate law encompasses a broad range of legal issues including:

  • easement disputes
  • foreclosures, injuries
  • property taxes, neighbor relations
  • property deeds
  • real estate warranties
  • different types of mortgages
  • landlord/tenant matters
  • homeowners insurance

If you encounter a legal issue, it is of the utmost importance that you do not rely on just any attorney, make sure you get an attorney that specializes in your type of legal problem.